Which Goddess would adorn YOU? Take our personality quiz and see which warrior you’d most likely be!
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You're sweet and sensitive with a deep desire to be understood and to understand others. Your anxiety sometimes gets the best of you, but you push through when you're needed. You were adorned by the Goddess of Humanity Chisimdi, and you harness the power of empathy.
You're a ray of sunshine and the life of every party! Although you're always laughing and cracking jokes you can go from sunshine to storm cloud in a flash. You were adorned by the Goddess of the Sun Anyanwu, and you radiate light and heat.
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You're a natural born leader who lives for new challenges and succeeds at, well, everything. Everything you do is for the betterment of the team, sometimes to the point of overlooking individual needs, but you always mean well. You were adorned by the Goddess of the Earth Ala, and your touch springs life from the ground.
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Cool, calm, and collected- nothing shakes your chill vibe. You do yoga at the crack of dawn and meditate to keep the bad vibes away. You were adorned by the Goddess of the Sea Miri, and you can manipulate water.
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You love wearing black because it matches the color of your soul...

You're into all things doom and gloom but beyond your hard exterior lies a soft and caring heart. You were adorned by the Goddess of the Moon Onwa, and you can control gravity with a simple wave of your staff.
You embody traits from ALL 5 warriors. You're incredible!
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